MoU Signing with SRE UI

On March 8th 2021 NBRI and SRE UI was agreed to establish cooperation by signed the MoU for two years. The implementation of cooperation especially in education and training activities in battery and renewable energy. SRE UI delegation was represented by Muhammad Rauf and Vida Hardjono who came to NBRI Workshop for signing the MoU. Prof. Evvy Kartini as The Founder of NBRI was welcoming them and introduced NBRI in general and specific including the activities that related to the MoU focus area. SRE UI delegates also presented the cooperation proposal. Both parties expect to have a cooperation especially to engage more participants when conducting events such as webinar, millennials talk, FGD, etc. Besides, it is expected that NBRI is able to contribute as platform for student internship for SRE UI. As we know that SRE UI is a student platform that has enthusiasm to develop the renewable energy field, including energy storage which mainly use lithium ion battery. The discussion was closed by signing the MoU form and also visitation of NBRI metallurgy laboratory by SRE UI delegation.

Date : 26 March 2021
Written by : NBRI
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