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National Battery Research Institute (NBRI)

The National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) was legally established on 17th December 2020 as The Center of Excellence Innovation of Battery and Renewable Energy Foundation, with Prof.Dr. Evvy Kartini as a Founder and Prof Alan J. Drew as Co-Founder. NBRI is Indonesia's independent institute for electrochemical energy storage science and technology, supporting research, training, and education. NBRI aims to contribute to the overall research capacity and training environment in Indonesia in Battery Research. NBRI is a platform that brings together scientists, academicians, industry partners, the government and all stakeholders that focus on battery technology. The main goal of NBRI is to encourage and support a battery manufacturing industry using locally resources, which will enable Indonesia to be independent in energy. The NBRI was supported by the UK Government’s Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF), as part of the Queen Mary University of London QR allocation.

Our vision for the NBRI is to gather all Indonesian stakeholders in battery research and production, to help form strong national batteries research and increase the visibility of batteries research at government level. The long term goal is to help develop a batteries manufacturing industry using locally sourced resources, which will enable Indonesia to be independent in energy; it has vast renewables which require grid-storage, isolated communities that require localised generation and storage or electricity, huge local resources for manufacture



Our Values

We Collaborate

We actively collaborate to achieve shared and focused objectives on International Networking.

We build connections within and between project teams, and externally with industry, institution, government and researcher. We work together to generate a research environment that encourages international collaboration that is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral, which would thus build research capacity.

We are Pioneering

We are pioneering, innovative and resilient.

We are the first institute in Indonesia that seeks to unite parties related to batteries to create an independent Indonesia in terms of industry and strive to provide the latest innovations related to batteries.

We are Transparent

We are driven to leave a legacy.

We give priority to honesty and transparency in terms of delivering data on our website. We try to display data as accurately as possible so that the data we have is the latest data.

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