Why Lithium-Ion is Valuable?

The basic reason why lithium-ion becomes valuable in energy store is unmatchable combination. It has high energy and power density that makes this material essential for power tools, portable electronics, and hybrid/full electric vehicles. If the internal combustion engine disrupted by electric vehicles, Lithium-ion batteries will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of high energy efficiency, Lithium-ion battery also possible to use in various electric grid applications. It also improves the quality of energy harvested from wind, solar, geo-thermal and other renewable sources that contribute for building an energy-sustainable economy.

If we dive deeper using chemistry perspective, we will find some fundamental advantages of lithium-ion. Firstly, Lithium (Li) has the lowest reduction potential of any element. It allows Lithium based batteries to reach the highest possible cell potential. For further, Lithium is the third lightest element and has one of the smallest ionic radial of any single charged ion. Those condition allows Lithium based batteries to have high gravimetric and volumetric capacity and power density. But, this present situation have an enermous hurdle for the energy storage development. Therefore, Lithium-ion batteries are intense interest form both industry and government funding agencies. Alos research in this field has abounded in the recent years.

Date : 28 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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