Biomass as Energy Storage Carbon Materials

Energy storage becomes a precious commodity on the electric vehicles and renewable energy era. According to Global Energy Storage Outlook 2022 from Wood McKenzie Firm has forecast the demand of energy storage capacity to reach 1 Tera Watt hour (TWh) between 2021 and 2030. This demand encourages stakeholders on certain business to attain more energy storage materials. However, recent production method, battery for instance, still depends on dirty way. Besides, we have a more potency on local resources utilization. One of the promising materials come from biomass.

Since biomass has a basic element consist of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus, the carbon is potentially synthesized for energy storage material. In one of the ICB-REV 2021 keynote session, Prof. Santi Maensiri presented related idea. He is a president of Material Research Societies (MRS) Thailand that explained on biomass as energy storage carbon materials. Professor Santi believes that biomass will take an important role for massive energy storage production with more environmentally friendly. Kindly watch Professor Santi’s full lecture here:

Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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