The Prospect of Renewable Energy Start-up to become Game Changer for Sustainable Clean Energy

Start-ups have immense potential to bring positive value to the world. Their success depends not just on the amount of capital they can secure, but also on a nourishing environment to maximize their potential. It is a driving force for growth and competition. Let’s imagine how big the impact that can start-ups bring on the world of renewable energy and green transition. Responding the issue, Mr. Diyanto Imam as Program Director of New Energy Nexus Indonesia, presented his insightful perspective, in the keynote session of ICB-REV 2021, about the prospect of renewable energy start-up to become game changer for sustainable clean energy.

There are three challenges why such initiative should emerge. First, the scarcity of expertise and resources. Still not enough battery engineers for work that needs to be done. Second, affordability, longevity, and safety issues. Energy storage are expensive, relatively short-lived, and may pose safety and also environmental issues. And the third one is data and information challenges. The appropriate data and information are hard to find, analyze, and share. Then, why start-ups? Because they bring new ideas, products, and innovation that can solve current challenges. Kindly watch Mr. Diyanto’s lecture through


Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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