State Owned Enterprise’s (SOE) EV Battery Integrated Ecosystem Industry Development Plan

Transportation becomes one of the biggest polluters for our mother earth. Because emissions vary depend on the type of vehicle. For instance, the vehicle-based fossil fuel generates more than 4,000 Kg CO2 per 19,000 km. Compared to electric vehicles (EV) connected to grid with 1,300 kg and EV connected to renewable energy on 0 kg carbon emission. Hence, it is predicted 57% of total vehicle sales in 2040 comes from EV as an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The demand for EV batteries is projected to increase in line with the trend. One of distinguished plenary speakers of ICB-REV 2021, Ir. Agus Tjahajana, presented battery integrated ecosystem industry development plan on Indonesian’ State Owned Enterprises (SOE).

Ir. Agus Tjahajana is a former president commissioner of Indonesian Battery Corporation (IBC). He explained vividly on how Indonesia has a strong position for the integrated EV industry. First, Indonesia becomes one of the largest global economies with strong potential for production and sales. On the other side, Indonesia also has robust position in the upstream mineral resources (the biggest world nickel reserves & production and number six on the world’s copper, manganese, and aluminum reserve). Also, lest forget with Indonesian competitive supply chain advantage. Because almost 35% of EV cost comes from local battery. Kindly watch Ir. Agus Tjahajana’s inspiring full lectures through

Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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