State Electricity Company (PLN)\'s Green Transformation Program

Green policy becomes a game changer to accelerate green transition for a better future earth living. This kind of factor will be a parameter for government commitment. For participating that goals, State Electricity Company (PLN) established a green transformation program. As follow up of that green program, PLN conducted Focus Group Discussion about Conversion Program from Diesel Power Plant (PLTD) to Solar Power Plant (PLTS) and Battery on May 10th 2021.

According to The Director of Mega Project PT PLN, M. Ikhsan Asaad, states this program will transform 5200 unit of PLTD to PLTS that spread in 2,130 location around Indonesia. The potency of electricity yielded by the conversion is up to 2 Giga Watt. Hopefully, this program will cause a multiplier effect in the field of clean energy (reducing the emission), economy (affordable energy pricing), electrification (supply and energy security), and other benefit (agricultural, telecommunication, etc.). At the end, this promising policy will lead us to the better earth living in the future.

Date : 29 June 2021
Written by : NBRI
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