Enhancing Indonesian Electric Vehicles Dream

Once, Albert Einstein ever said, “Beyond my great discovery, I only use 1% of my knowledge. The rest of it was imagination.” No more future without any dream that is constructed by imagination. Same case for Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a future reality. If we can’t dream it, we never achieve it. But, not all of our imagination as an innovative idea could implement in a single time. We have to find the momentum that supports the innovation. Why the previous Indonesian Electric Vehicles could fail? Because our innovation ecosystem and regulation are not ready enough. Oki Earlivan, entrepreneur diaspora from Oxford University, spoke up about Indonesian EVs dream in CNBC Peter Ghonta Impact talkshow (15/04). Based on his opinion, we need to build the bridge between economy and technology that belongs to the three keys. Strong manufacturing infrastructure, clear policy infrastructure, and excellent human resources infrastructure.

Furthermore, for enhancing the Indonesian Electric Vehicles dream, we also need sustainable financing. Agus Tjahjana, Board of Director for Mining Industry Indonesia, stated that to build strong national Electric Vehicles manufacture, we should gain capital for 13,4 billion dollar minimum. Fortunately, big corporations like Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota invest more than 50 billion dollars in Indonesia according to a CNBC report. Based on the business perspective, this condition becomes a sign that Indonesia has a great market and unlimited natural resources for electric vehicles. Therefore, we have the momentum to capitalize all of the processes from upstream to downstream. It will lead Indonesia to become a winner leader in electric vehicle development.

Date : 28 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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