Energy Storage and Energy Systems

The energy infrastructure is going through rapid transition in distributed and inter-connected system. Both electric vehicles and renewable energy will be a mainstream issue. In fact, communications materials released the data of electric vehicles market stocks soared 100x from 2020. Energy storage plays a critical role in the electrification of the infrastructure and zero carbon energy. Because it will improve economic efficiency of infrastructure and also reliability. Hence, energy storage becomes a key enabling technology for future energy infrastructure. Answering those concern, Professor Jun Liu, Director of the Innovation Centre for Battery 500 Consortium United States, delivered an insightful plenary session on energy storage and energy systems.

Professor Jun Liu mentioned about new energy system which depends on energy management and data flow. We should learn from telecommunication industry, from centralized and landline- based service (traditional) to distributed service and open competition (modern).  Professor Jun Liu believes that paradigm shift form central utility grid to a highly distributed and dynamic system is strongly needed. It is much more effective for more than 70 renewable sources, one billion EVs and millions of charging station.  Kindly watch Professor Jun Liu’s full lecture on

Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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