Down Stream Nickel Industry In Indonesia

NBRI had attended the webinar which held by the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal. During the event, there was several speakers who comes from various background such as Special staff of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, head of geology, ESDM Director general of the metal industry, machinery, transportation equipment and electronics, Ministry of Industry, mind id, pt. Indonesia morowali industrial park, pt. Halmahera. All the audiences discussed with the speakers after the presentation session had done. 

On October 13th 2020, the executive staff in ministry of energy and mineral resources, Prof. Irwandy Arif, had published a discussion about the strategy for the downstream nickel industry. It is mentioned that the importance of down stream industry is contributing for added value on the mined ores. As the ores are processed into consumable products, such as stainless steel or battery, the price will get higher and it will add Indonesia export value.

However, this idea addresses some issues to be encountered. Indonesia needs to integrate the downstream industry that is still developing with the upstream industry. Social, economic, and environmental aspects are needed to take concern of to satisfy all parties. Hence, the ministry planned to develop the regulations according to the timeline towards sustainable industry. For example, the minister had published ministry regulation number 25 on 2018 to make added value of mineral through further processing or refining.

Date : 14 October 2020
Written by : NBRI
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