Battery Development in Singapore

Singapore becomes one of the pioneer in green policy initiative. They have involved the clean technology in everyday life to reduce carbon emission, specifically in battery development. In a word of Prof. Tim J White, president of Material Research Society (MRS) Singapore and also Associate Vice President of Infrastructure and Programs for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, explained a battery research focus in Singapore. It consists three main topics: (1) Energy, Cycle Stability, Safety which covered advanced lithium-ion technologies on high performance nanostructured electrodes, electrolytes (polymer gel, solid), and thin film/printable flexible batteries/3D printing. (2) Alternative chemistries in which beyond lithium technologies, such as multivalent (Zn2+, Al3+) batteries, lithium ion capacitors, redox flow batteries, sodium ion batteries, Li-S and Li-air. (3) Recycling Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) related to new from old LIB, high efficiency recovery, and novel co-waste treatments.

Professor White, in his plenary session of ICB-REV 2021 on June 22nd, also presented the roadmap strategy for battery research development pillars. The robust of electrochemistry, new materials, and fundamental studies is needed. Then, four pillars (lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, beyond Li-metal-air, and redox flow batteries) could be established. So that, perfect roof of advanced energy storage concept & technologies is gained. However, it also has challenges in terms of battery innovation scope. Such as the quest of new promising materials, scale-up process, prototype, validation, and technology transfer. And the challenges could be answered by implementing the triple helix partnerships, NTU knowledge & innovation, Government Strategy, and Industry Capability. For further, kindly access Prof. White’s inspiring plenary session on demand video through the link:

Date : 12 August 2021
Written by : NBRI
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