Visit to PT Smelter Nikel Indonesia for MHP sample

Visit to PT Smelter Nikel Indonesia for MHP Sample

On PRN team has visited PT Smelter Nikel Indonesia on July 10, 2020. PT Smelter Nikel Indonesia (SNI) is a hydrometallurgy smelter located in Balaraja, Banten. It’s established in April 20, 2017 and it’s the only nickel smelter in Banten. They sourced its nickel ore from Sulawesi from one of their mining company within their group, in a form of laterite (the low nickel content ore) with an estimate input of 100,000 Mt of ore per month. They can produce up to 3,700 Mt of Nickel Hydroxide (NiOH) with Nickel content of 40%.

PRN team lead by Prof Evvy Kartini visit the facilities that is still under construction, however they already have a pilot plant running at that time with output of 90 MT MHP with nickel content of 40%. We have asked for the sample from PT SNI to be analysed and also used for further process.


Date : 03 March 2021
Written by : NBRI
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