NRP Activity: Focus Group Discussion with LIPI Bandung

On Monday (26/04/2021) the National Research Priority Team led by Prof. Evvy Kartini drove to Bandung to visit The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). The team was welcomed by Dr. Haznan Abimanyu, the Director  of the Research Center for Electric Power and Mechatronics. During a visit to LIPI, the NRP team was amazed by the development of autonomous electric vehicles. There are at least several prototypes currently in testing, from autonomous wheelchairs, disinfectant drones, to semi-autonomous electric vehicles for short-range use. On this occasion, Prof. Evvy Kartini reviewed the progress of the research and evaluated the type of battery used and re-emphasized the importance of sustainable research and innovative breakthroughs in Research and Development. On the other hand, the LIPI team explained the opportunities and challenges in developing EVs in the future. 

Date : 28 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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