NBRI Visits Mineral Technology Workshop – BPPT in Ciampea, Bogor

Mineral processing is a challenging step for battery industry sector especially in the upstream stages. The processes include mineral extraction from ore to become material that ready to use for cathode and anode supply. In BPPT workshop where NBRI visited on May 11th 2021, the researchers successfully extracted Mixed Hydro Percipitate (MHP) from Goethite mineral that has capacity from 2 – 3 kg/days. The necessary fresh feed supply is about 50 kg which leached using sulphuric acid and neutralized using calcium carbonate to produced MHP.

XRF characterization revealed the content of Goethite mineral that only consist of 1.5% MHP, meanwhile the highest content is iron. This process well known as hydrometallurgy process. The researcher said that their team still has difficulty on reproducibility because the ore that comes from the nature has various impurities content. Prior to this process, they also tried to extract nickel-ore using pyrometallurgy but due to the research development which always look up for effective and efficient process, they did not continue this process and chose to use the alternative process.

Date : 18 May 2021
Written by : NBRI
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