Manganese Ore processing into manganese sulfate


As one of the most common material used in Lithium-ion battery cathode, the need for manganese will increase along with the increasing need of batteries for energy storage. Indonesia, as a country with an ambition to produce its own lithium-ion batteries, needs to prepare a sustainable supply for the availability of its local manganese.

Research Unit for Mineral Technology, Indonesia Institute of Science (BPTM LIPI) as one of NBRI's collaborative partners is conducting research to process manganese ore into manganese sulfate. Processing starts with the ore dimension reduction, reductive leaching, basic precipitation of Fe, and then crystallization of MnSO4. This research is expected to be the beginning of the formation of MnSO4 supply for the battery industry sourced from local Indonesian materials.



Date : 10 May 2021
Written by : NBRI
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