Focus Group Discussion and Visiting Laboratory PSTA BATAN

On 7 April 2021, the PRN team who lead by Prof. Dr. Evvy Kartini visited PSTA BATAN to do focus group discussions and visiting the laboratory. During the visit, PRN team discussed about Rare Earth Element (REE) pilot plant project in PSTA-BATAN that lead by a senior researcher, Ir. Moch. Setyadji, MT. The team prepared a conceptual pilot plant design for about 1 year. They also designed the waste disposal plant as a side product. The project aims to purify REE hydroxide originate from monazite ore. So that, it will be separated into Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La), and Neodymium (Nd). Leaching and calcination are the main processes. Concentrated acid and base are chosen as leaching selective agents. Moreover, the team also design the market price of separated REE using the Niche Market. Hopefully, in the future, it will help Indonesia to develop REE industry due to the abundance of monazite ore in this country. The visit ended with a laboratory visit owned by PSTA BATAN. This aims to see which projects can be carried out by the PSTA BATAN team.


Focus Group Discussion between PRN Team 



Visiting the PSTA BATAN Rare Earth Laboratory

Date : 13 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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