Focus Group Discussion and Visiting Laboratory from Management team BATAN

On April 12, 2021, the PRN Workshop located at Taman Tekno Blok L2 / 29, Setu - South Tangerang received a visit from the BATAN PSTBM management team. This visit was carried out directly by plt. Head of BATAN Dr. Wisnu Ari Ardi together with Mr. Ucok. The purpose of this visit is to conduct discussions related to the progress of the PRN project being carried out. On this occasion, the PRN team provided suggestions and input to the BATAN PSTBM management which had given a few obstacles to the PRN team which was very well received by Dr. Wishnu. He also explained the obstacles in the internal bureaucracy and stated that he would try to change the bureaucratic system from being convoluted to a simpler and more efficient one. Apart from that, the PRN team also reports on the progress of the PRN which is still being carried out at the PRN workshop.

The BATAN management team also conducts lab visits and monitors and evaluates the procurement of goods with satisfactory results. The BATAN management team expressed their satisfaction with the hard work that the PRN team had done at the workshop and hoped that in the future there would be no more significant obstacles and could expedite the PRN team's affairs at the Workshop.

Focus Group Discussion with PSTBM BATAN Management Team

Date : 13 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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