Current Progress of NBRI\'s PRN

NBRI is one of the institutions that has received a mandate from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to participate in the implementation of National Research Priorities. The NBRI team in collaboration with PT Infiniti Energi Indonesia, BATAN, ITB, LIPI, and B4T to conduct research the synthesis of the NMC811 cathode material at pilot plant scale from upstream to downstream. At the BSD Techno Park workshop there is a Materials and Metallurgy Laboratory specifically designed to be able to master the technology process of making the NMC811 cathode material with production capacity up to 1 kg. The equipment procurement in this laboratory is originated from local resource including one of which is the stirred-tank reactor (STR) which was designed by the whole team. The process of making cathode materials has started since early of January 2021. Currently, the manufacturing process is still focused on optimizing various parameters. It is need to be noted that all of the obtained data are strictly confidential. Furthermore, we hope that the feasibility study criteria will be achieved.

Date : 19 February 2021
Written by : NBRI
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