Building Better Batteries - How to Enable the Tera-scale Energy Transition

Batteries is one of the human quests for realizing sustainable development goals (SDGs) target. Because it predicted 8.5 billion people flood the earth by 2030 with 1 billion cars to be electrified. It will need more electricity supply from clean energy and more super batteries for fulfilling the demand. ICB-REV 2021 was very lucky to have Professor Shirley Meng as one of distinguished plenary speakers. She proposed a promising framework for building better batteries. How to enable the Tera-scale Energy Transition. It can be achieved through integration platform for physics, chemistry, material science, and various engineering disciplines.

Professor Shirley honored as Research Award of International Battery Association 2019. She mentioned about multi-scale multi characterization platform for inventing a better battery. Start from atomic level (what changes in chemistry, structure & electronic state govern the bulk reaction?), primary and secondary particle level (how do transformations propagate within particles? From interfaces?) to electrode level (how do reactions evolve across the electrode heterostructure?). Most of the tools are developed for liquid electrolytes, crystalline materials, and also qualitative assessment. For further insight, please find the full lecture of Professor Shirley through

Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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