Aluminum Battery

The lecture by Prof. Pooi See Lee came out with the title “Cathode Material Investigation Towards High-Performance Aluminum Battery”. Aluminum as battery  itself has advantages such rich abundance, cost effective, environmental friendliness, and high energy density. Therefore, suitable cathode materials with improved electrochemical performance (cycling stability) for Al batteries was explored. In this lecture, VO2 (P) nanosheets was main focus as cathode for Al batteries. From this study, it was found that VO2 with enhanced charge transfer kinetics, the open framework and  lattice structures made VO2 suitable for cathode in Al batteries and delivered improved cycling stability. Moreover, VO2 serves as efficient mediator to trap soluble polysulfide and enhance the redox reactions of Al-S batteries. Other result show that hybrid Al-Li-ion battery with VO2 as cathode performs better compared to pure Al battery.

Date : 16 February 2021
Written by : NBRI
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