Advanced Neutron Characterization of Rechargeable Battery Systems

Neutrons have a special ability to construct the picture at microscopic scale, vividly. Because neutrons interact mostly with nuclei related to scattering independent of the electron number. This condition unfolds several effects, for instance, Lithium ion in the presence of heavier metals (contrast between transition metals like Mn/Ni/Co) and highly penetrating on the whole devices. Prof. Dr. Vanessa Peterson, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) Australia, bring this topic on ICB-REV 2021 stage as distinguished keynote speaker. Professor Vanessa presented about the advanced neutron characterization technique for rechargeable battery system.

On Professor Vanessa word, for understanding advancing energy materials, we need to identify the functional materials. The change of external stimuli & compositional materials is frequently happened. Because of the responsiveness of functional materials. Simply, when we characterize structure & response of material, we could understand the origin of useful properties.  We need robust methods that quantitatively and accurately capture changes and also capture real-life operation during function related to non-equilibrium system. It could be covered by advanced neutron characterization method that unfold more details information with faster instrumentation.  Kindly watch Professor Vanessa’s full lecture through this link:


Date : 07 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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