Fanny Fahriatunnisa Muliawanti

In early June 2021 I did an internship at the National Battery Research Institute for a month and a half. NBRI is one of the battery research platforms in Indonesia. During my internship at NBRI, I conducted research on the synthesis of graphene. I used rice husks as a source of biomass to synthesize graphene. Graphene is a material that has many benefits and a high selling price. By utilizing rice husk which is one of the agricultural wastes, it can also provide a good economic impact for farmers.

Not only doing things in the lab, I also participate in activities such as the International Conference on Battery Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle 2021 and also the International Battery School.

Being a part of the NBRI even though it was only for a month and a half, it was a valuable experience. NBRI gave me new experience and knowledge about the world of Battery that I didn't know before. Thank you NBRI for the opportunity.

Date : 10 August 2021
Written by : NBRI
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