Edwin Eka Putra

My Internship Experience in National Battery Research Institute

1. Edwin Eka Putra – STTN BATAN

            In February thru March 2021, I had an opportunity to work as an intern for NBRI or the National Battery Research Institute. Throughout my time at NBRI, I studied about Battery and Battery Technology because NBRI’s main goal is to contribute to the research in Battery Research

On this Internship I did a report about “Development of Battery Module for Energy Storage and Testing”. On this report, I’m reverse-engineering a battery management system module from a ventilator and try to remake and make an improvement out of it.

            During the internship at NBRI, I’m glad that I have this excellent experience especially in experience in a work team that I didn’t get in lectures. Personally, I’m glad working here as Intern, the internship wasn’t a perfect experience for sure,there are some hiccups here and there because I’m the first Intern that have experience in electronics and there are not many people in NBRI that expert in electronics, but I take that as a challenge even though I have to do it myself almost all the time and even though they can’t help me directly, they are supporting me thru the way they are able to.

            Overall, the internship was great and I’m glad that I finish my internship here with unique and amazing team. Thank You!


Date : 07 April 2021
Written by : NBRI
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