Adinandra Caesar Fachrudin

As a result of my achievement as a winner of the Youth Ideas Competition 2021 organized by the National Battery Research Institute (NBRI-YIC), I got the opportunity to do an internship for approximately three months starting from March to June 2022. As an intern at NBRI, I had a remarkable experience through various activities, including research, school, competition, exhibition, and conference. Because most of them are international in scale, I also had the opportunity to increase my international exposure in learning, communicating, and collaborating. Not only about battery technology in general but also about various aspects behind it, such as industry, regulation, and standardization, especially in the opportunities and challenges of its development in Indonesia. NBRI has taught me to look at research from a broader perspective to solve societal problems, especially related to renewable energy and electric vehicles. In short, I am very impressed and grateful for my valuable experience.

My research at NBRI is about the synthesis of graphene material from agricultural waste in the form of rice husks for its use as a conductive additive in the NMC-811 cathode for Li-ion batteries. Besides that, I am also directly involved in assisting the synthesis of NMC precursors, cathode preparation, and battery manufacturing. For the last one, I even had the opportunity to visit the Center for Material and Technical Support (B4T) research facility in Bandung and have a hands-on experience there. Also, I had the opportunity to be a representative of NBRI at the [RE]Spark Clean Energy Festival organized by New Energy Nexus in Jakarta. At the end of my internship, I thank you for being able to present my research at the international conference (ICB-REV 2022), funded by NBRI. Overall, I think it is not an easy task, but I enjoy the process. Thank you to the NBRI team, especially Prof. Evvy and Prof. Alan.


Date : 20 September 2022
Written by : NBRI
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