New Emerging Energy Storage

Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia, Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, PhD attend the Focus Group Discussion between UK and Indonesia that was host by National Battery Research Institute on Wednesday, September 16th 2020. On that event, Prof. Bambang give a speech about New Emerging Energy Storage. Based on the National Policy Law No. 11/2019 Article No. 34 – 37 about innovation process with triple helix synergy. Triple helix means a synergy between government, industry and academic to push an innovative idea into a product that is ready to be commercialized. This idea is used to driven the innovation into sustainable economy. Indonesia has massive natural resource which needs to be encourage for independent energy.


There are few factors to increase economic growth such as competitive human resources, research and innovation, social capital and governance with integrity. One of the program that has been made by the government is National Priority Research. One of the program containing research for lithium battery. These are based on the President Decree No. 55/2019 for concerning the battery-based electric motor vehicle program and Minister of Ristekdikti Regulation No. 38/2019 about Concerning National Priority Research (2020-2024).


Now a days we are facing the Industralization 4.0 era where he vehicles mostly will be transformed into electric vehicle. Based on market overview, electric vehicles running on lithium-ion batteries is one of the fastest growing clean energy segments globally. Over 95% of hybrid electric Vehicles playing on the roads were using lithium-ion batteries in 2015.


For supporting this research, Indonesia had joint collaborations with UK since 2014. For now, the goals is doing more research and innovation program/products should be produced to improve the quality of human life in the world.


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Date : 13 October 2020
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