Jakarta - on Tuesday (25/05/2021) National Battery Research Institute visits Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (National Research and Innovation Agency) office located in Central Jakarta. NBRI team lead by Prof. Dr. Evvy Kartini welcomed by Mr. L.T Handoko as Head of BRIN and also Mr. Mego as secretary. 


On this occasion Prof. Evvy explained the NBRI plan for the next 5 years in which the output of the future plan is community-oriented as NBRI is a Center of Excellence. Prof. Evvy also explained the opportunities and challenges of the battery, renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors. Prof. Evvy also underlined the importance of government support for research and development so that Indonesia can be strong in the battery sector. 


Prof Evvy also talked about plans to hold an International Conference on Battery for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles in June and directly invited Mr. Handoko to participate in the event and also during discussion Prof. Evvy has a plan for the NBRI Campus Future Program.On the other hand, Mr. Handoko explained how BRIN's plans for the future will focus on revitalizing research infrastructure in various regions.

Hopefully the community or researchers have an adequate forum to support their research needs. Pak Handoko directly expressed his appreciation for the performance of NBRI and hoped that what was being done by NBRI could be sustainable.

Date : 03 June 2021
Written by : NBRI
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