SYSTRA is one of the world's leading groups railways, with over 7,600 staff worldwide dedicated to transportation (2,800 being stationed in Asia).  SYSTRA has vast experience acquired over the last 60 years in Transportation. 

Active on all continents, SYSTRA has worked in 150 countries and 350 cities worldwide. Today SYSTRA has permanent offices in more than 60 countries including Indonesia, and currently delivers projects in 80 countries.

In Indonesia, SYSTRA was also involved in various railway contracts with the Greater Jakarta with customer like Adhi Karya or Kereta Api Indonesia, especially the LRT Jabodebek Phase 1, and the feasibility of the L5 extension to Bogor. Our international experience coupled with local knowledge should allow us to meet the end customer’s expectations.

Meanwhile The National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) was founded by E. Kartini in 2014. Launched in October 2019, NBRI is the Indonesia’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage science and technology, supporting research, training, and analysis. It also provides consultation for industries and government institution related to energy storage issues. 

With a vast growing trend of energy storage in Indonesia, especially Electric Vehicle (EV), NBRI become a platform for all energy storage stakeholders to discuss recent updates and participate in research. We have held several Focus Group Discussion on this subject with different type of participant such as research facilities, industries.

On October 8, 2020. The NBRI team and SYSTRA had discussion. The discussion is about possibility of collaboration on reducing the carbon effect from the vehicles that might be disccussed later. 

Date : 03 December 2020
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