NBRI Millennial Talks #2

Current State of Battery Research and Study Experience in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia


On Thursday, February 11th, 2021, NBRI held a webinar series namely Millennials Talk #2. There are five millennial speakers invited to this event. The first speaker, Ms. Rizka, was talking about The Life Cycle Assessment method that is important to analyze/the impact on the environment due to the graphene synthesis process. The next speaker is Ms. Lisda who gave insight into her experience in solid electrolytes for lithium-ion battery research. It is an impactful sharing if we concern about the battery leakage because of the liquid electrolyte. Ms. Lisda also delivered a presentation about study in Saudi Arabia. The insightful presentation was delivered by Ms. Anissa that shared about LMFP battery cathode research. She modified the synthesis conditions to get the optimum electrochemical performance. The following speaker is Mr. Egy, whose research field focuses on battery dendrite and SEI. He delivered a presentation about the high-voltage lithium-metal battery. His research successfully developed electrolytes and preferable to work with the high-voltage cathode. He shared his wonderful experiences during pursuing his master's degree in Taiwan. Last but not least, Mr. Fakhrudin from BATAN shared about LIB cathode that popularly related to an electric vehicle namely NMC. It is widely known that Indonesia produced the highest nickel reserve in the world, so mastery of the technology process is important. The panel discussion with Prof. Alan as NBRI Co-Founder was interesting, all of the speakers and audiences were enthusiastic to attend this event.

If you missed the event, please kindly watch the video on our youtube



Date : 23 February 2021
Written by : NBRI
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