NBRI Millennial Talks

On November 5, 2020, the NBRI Millennial Team held NBRI Millennial Talks with the theme "What is Next After Lithium?". The event was opened with the opening speech from the founder of NBRI, Prof. Dr. rer nat Evvy Kartini who explained what NBRI is. The discussion was followed by an explanation of the NBRI website by Mr. Firmansyah as the NBRI project leader.

The first material was delivered by the NBRI CO-Founder, Prof. Alan J Drew, who discussed the opportunity to study in the UK, especially at Queen Marry University London, which was continued with the experience of awardee scholarships from Indonesia, Evangeline Hutamaningtyas, who is currently pursuing a PhD at QMUL.

After the material on study in the UK, the discussion continued with a basic discussion on silicon nanowire which was delivered by Mr. Andika. Then the discussion by Mr. Cipta, who brought graphene material and the last by Mr. Paksi who brought material about Solid Electrolyte.

After the presentation of the material, there was a panel discussion given by Dr. Alexey Glushenkov from The Australia National University and continued with a question and answer session. The number of participants who survived since the event started to finish was around 97 participants from 11 countries in the world such as Pakistan, India, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Iraq, Tunisia and Nigeria.

Date : 08 November 2020
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