On July 15, 2021, the Founder of NBRI Prof. Dr. rer nat Evvy Kartini was invited as a speaker by the Metallurgical Engineering Council, University of Indonesia. Webinar with the theme "Synchronizing Indonesia towards The Enhancement of National Economic Growth with Materials Technology Development and Advance Deployment in Renewable Energy". This webinar was a success and was attended by University of Indonesia students as well as the general public.

On this occasion, Prof. Evvy said that Indonesia is a country that is very rich in nickel. Indonesia is a country with the largest nickel potential in the world. 80% of the world's nickel reserves are in Indonesia. For that, we need to take advantage of these abundant natural resources to increase Indonesia's role in the international world. Indonesia is starting to be noticed by many countries in the world who want to invest in Indonesia related to the progress of electric vehicles. This is because in electric vehicles 80% of the main material is nickel. When asked about its preparation, Indonesia is actually ready to face the era of transition from conventional to electric vehicles. It's just that there needs to be harmonization and good cooperation between various stakeholders to be able to jointly build a battery ecosystem and support Indonesia's readiness to face this era and make Indonesia a core player in electric vehicles. On this occasion, Prof. Evvy expressed his hope that all stakeholders in Indonesia would be able to unite and synergize to help Indonesia become an energy-independent country and be able to make the best use of this golden opportunity.


Date : 23 August 2021
Written by : NBRI
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