NBRI - British Embassy Discussion

On october 8, 2020. The NBRI team had discussion with The UK Embassy to discuss about possibilities of collaboration against climate change also providing solar panel for rural areas in Indonesia especially in eastern Indonesia

Indonesia knows stark disparities in energy access, with electrification rates at 86% in NTT in contrast to almost universal provision in Java. By the end of 2019, there were still more than one million households without access to electricity – primarily rural households in eastern Indonesia. Indonesia is the 5th-largest emitter of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) globally. The power sector is the 2nd largest contributor to emissions in Indonesia. The electricity sector is accountable for 15% of Indonesia’s total GHG emissions. 

NBRI is a consortium of batteries that aims to gather all Indonesian stakeholders in battery research and production, to help form strong national batteries research and increase the visibility of batteries research at government level.

The MENTARI Programme, led by the British Embassy Jakarta and its partners, aims to deliver inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia, by supporting the uptake of low carbon energy. The programme has a specific focus on developing the low carbon energy sector to best support disadvantaged communities, and specifically those in eastern Indonesia. The UK Embassy will think more about this renewable energy to collaborate with NBRI.

Date : 03 December 2020
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