NBRI 1st Focus Group Discussion

The first FDG held in the B4T building owned by the Ministry of Industry in Bandung, at this meeting attended by at least 28 participants representing industry and universities. NBRI team created google form to collect the data from participants related to facility, human resources, and focus research.

On February 27 th , 2020 The first FDG held in the B4T building owned by the Ministry of Industry in Bandung, at this meeting attended by at least 28 participants representing industry and universities.

The first presentation by Prof. Alan Drew on "National Battery Research Institute: Powering Indonesia Battery’s Revolution". In his presentation Prof. Alan Drew said that the formation of the Faraday Institution in the United Kingdom could be a place for academics, researchers and industry to collaborate collaboratively in the form of training, meetings or seminars. With the formation of these institutions can accelerate the flow of information related to research or battery development
conducted. This institution has a commitment in March 2021 United Kingdom can carry out the development, design and production of leading batteries. Prof. Alan continued that Indonesia must have a place similar to the Faraday Institution.
Where later the place can Build awareness of Indonesian battery research and manufacturing a wider international community, offering training courses and capacity building, enabling collaboration, through running meetings, workshops,
conferences. In addition, the place also acts as a channel between government, industry and academia, informs policies on energy / battery research, and contributes and drives the standardization of battery products (international standards).

The second presentation by Prof. Evvy Kartini, she conveyed the synergy of the government, academics and research institutions, as well as the industry enabling Indonesia to become a major in the field of electric batteries.


Date : 19 August 2020
Written by : NBRI
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