Indonesia Successfully Hosts Battery School : Step to Global Leadership in Battery Production

South Tanggerang, 24 May 2024 - Indonesia has taken a significant step towards becoming a major player in the global battery market with the successful completion of the "Battery School" workshop, which focused on advanced material processing in battery technology. The event took place from May 21 to May 22, 2024, at the NBRI Workshop, Indonesian Life Science Center (ILSC) in Serpong. Organized by the National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) in collaboration with MERCK Life and Science, and supported by Queen Mary University of London and Infien, the workshop equipped participants with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in battery technology.

International Experts Lead the Sessions

The workshop featured renowned speakers including Prof. Dr. rer. nat Evvy Kartini from Indonesia, Kanitporn Suchao from Thailand, and Jimmy Wong from Singapore. These experts covered crucial topics such as "Battery Fabrication" and "Introduction to Lithium-Ion Batteries," along with hands-on sessions on battery production. The workshop attracted 22 participants, including two from Japan, highlighting the event's international appeal.

Strategic Vision for Global Dominance

The "Battery School" is part of a strategic initiative to position Indonesia at the forefront of global battery production. By leveraging its abundant nickel resources, Indonesia aims to become a leading hub for battery manufacturing. This workshop was a critical step in realizing this vision, offering intensive training and fostering international collaboration.

Key Highlights of the Event

  • Dates: May 21-22, 2024
  • Venue: NBRI Workshop, Indonesian Life Science Center (ILSC), Serpong
  • Organizers: National Battery Research Institute, co-organized by MERCK Life and Science, supported by Queen Mary University of London and Infien
  • Speakers: Prof. Dr. rer. nat Evvy Kartini, Kanitporn Suchao, Jimmy Wong, and others
  • Focus Areas: Battery fabrication, introduction to lithium-ion batteries, and hands-on battery production

Enhancing Local Expertise

One of the main achievements of the workshop was the enhancement of local expertise in advanced battery technology. By providing high-level training and practical experience, the workshop has developed a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and efficiency in battery production.

Promoting International Collaboration and Innovation

The involvement of international experts and participants underscored the importance of global collaboration in advancing battery technology. The exchange of knowledge and best practices not only benefited the participants but also contributed to the global advancement of battery technology.

Positioning Indonesia as a Battery Production Leader

With a focus on harnessing its rich nickel reserves, Indonesia is strategically positioning itself as a future leader in the battery industry. The knowledge and skills gained from this workshop will be instrumental in boosting the country's capacity to produce high-quality batteries on a global scale.

A Promising Future for Indonesia's Battery Industry

The successful execution of the "Battery School" workshop represents a significant effort to bolster Indonesia's competitiveness in the rapidly evolving field of battery technology. By fostering international partnerships and enhancing local expertise, Indonesia is well on its way to becoming a dominant force in the global battery market.

Date : 24 May 2024
Written by : NBRI
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