Indonesia Electric Vehicle Forum 2022: Optimizing National Capacities on Battery Manufactur

Jakarta, Oktober 7, 2022 – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has issued an instruction to accelerate the use of electric vehicles as official operational vehicles both in the central and regional governments. This Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2022 was inked on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, following the surge in fuel prices.


Following this issue, pros and contras come to the surface among the people. Indonesia Electric Vehicle Forum 2022 brings three professionals from different perspectives to come together to talk about the national potential for determining our battery production. Rulan Dinary (Hydrotech Metal Indonesia), Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Evvy Kartini (National Battery Research Institute) and Hermawan Wijaya (ABC Lithium) gives their own opinion on how we can strengthen our capacities to develop nationally produced batteries.


Rulan Dinary, VP Technology of Hydrotech Metal Indonesia, shares about Step Temperature Acid Leach (STAL) technology that they developed that can help us to process nickel into nickel MHP better. “Currently, the low grade (nickel) only becomes an overload, because limonite processing using pyrometallurgical technology is considered uneconomical,” said Rulan Dinary. Rulan believes that STAL technology could be the answer to utilizing the overburdened low-grade nickel ore product.


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Evvy Kartini, the founder of National Battery Research Institute, believes that Indonesia can produce our own battery. Evvy's opinion is based on the fact that Indonesia has the biggest nickel reserve in the world. “Indonesia is the world's largest nickel producer. If later, the battery industry has been established in Indonesia, then human resources from Indonesia must be more dominant than human resources from abroad," she said.


Hermawan Wijaya, Lithium Marketing Director of ABC Battery, shares their progress on lithium battery production. ABC is known as a leader in dry cell battery production in Indonesia and now they will penetrate the lithium-ion batteries market also. Hermawan said, “ABC Battery is supported by all technologies for producing battery cells. For the first stage, we will produce 1,500 battery cells which will then be processed into battery packs.”


The Indonesia Electric Vehicle Forum 2022 held by GEM Indonesia altogether with Asosiasi Penambang Nikel Indonesia (APNI) and National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) in JIEXPO Kemayoran from 5-7 October 2022. Besides the forum, there is also an exhibition from 60 companies ranging from lithium battery manufacturers, EV charging companies, and others supporting electrical components. Through this event hopefully, all of the stakeholders on the electric vehicle can work together on making better national capacities for the next generation. (HQ)

Date : 11 October 2022
Written by : NBRI
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