Discussion on the Development of Locally Made Electric Motor

Thursday (6/01/2022) NBRI received a visit from Mr. Yoga Mugiyo Pratama, S.T. Currently he is developing a locally made electric motor. In this discussion Mr. Yoga conveyed about the position that is currently needed by the electric vehicle industry and how electric vehicles will become a very interesting and happening issue in the future and will create many job opportunities.

Unfortunately, the workers that are currently needed are workers who already have certification in their field, where in Indonesia there is currently no institution that can provide certification for this skill. Another problem that is currently a concern is the lack of certainty in regulations from the Indonesian government and institutions capable of conducting testing related to the use of batteries in electric vehicles.

Responding to concerns from Mr. Yoga, Founder of NBRI Prof. Dr. rer nat Evvy Kartini conveyed that NBRI would later cooperate with related parties to be able to become an institution capable of providing the required certification. In addition, NBRI will also be able to provide services related to battery testing but currently NBRI is still in the process of achieving this. The visit ended by seeing the lab facilities owned by NBRI. As a follow-up to this visit, further discussions and mutually beneficial cooperation will be scheduled.

Date : 07 January 2022
Written by : NBRI
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