Climate Challenge Workshop

From 12 July to 14 July 2021, the National Battery Research Institute, won the trust of the British Council UK to deliver the climate challenge workshop program. The Climate Challenge workshop (CCW) is divided into a Research Prize and a Dissemenation Award. Chair of CCW is Prof. Alan J. Drew from Queen MAry University of London who is also the co-founder of the NBRI. The CO-Chair is Prof. Dr. rer nat Evvy Kartini who is the founder of NBRI. In this program, there are 4 mentors where 2 of them are mentors from the UK while 2 others are from Indonesia. These mentors are, of course, experts in their respective fields. For example Sir Colin Humphreys from QMUL, Prof. Elizabeth Tanner from QMUL, Prof. Dr. Anne Zulfia, M.Sc from the University of Indonesia and Prof. Edvin Aldrian from BPPT Indonesia.

CCW was successfully implemented and resulted in 3 winners getting a grant of 8,000 GBP each. The winners of this grant are 2 people from LIPI and 1 person from Lambung Mangkurat University.

Date : 10 August 2021
Written by : NBRI
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