Audiences with Mr. Malikuz at Ministry of Research and Technology

Based on Prof. Bambang instruction, NBRI team do the audiences to Mr. Dimyati which was represent by Mr. Malikuz and team. They give support to NBRI as long as the project is inline with the national priority programs (PRN).

on February 28 a meeting was held between the NBRI team and the director of research and development Mr. Malikuz and his team were conducted at the Jakarta Ministry of Research and Technology. In the meeting, Mr. Malikuz suggested to align this program in the PRN program in accordance with the direction of Prof. Bambang as the minister of research and technology of Indonesia and felt that the NBRI is a good innovation that must strive to be realized with the results that will help Indonesia progress in the energy sector. Audience conducted by Prof. Evvy and Prof. Alan was preceded by an explanation of whether MRS-INA and QMUL were the originators of the NBRI. Prof. Alan explained the importance of batteries for life in the future where all aspects of life will use electricity coming from batteries and Indonesia has abundant natural resources for that.

Further explanation was made by Prof. Evvy on NBRI which explained the origins of NBRI, the background why NBRI was formed and what the short-term and long-term goals of the NBRI were then followed by a discussion. According to Prof. Bambang, Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia supported NBRI and put NBRI inline with PRN Program.

Date : 24 August 2020
Written by : NBRI
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