Audiences NBRI at National Nuclear Technology Agency (BATAN)

NBRI team visited the Indonesian National Nuclear Technology
Agency (BATAN) whom represented by the head of PSTBM
BATAN, Mr. Iwan and Mr. Abu to discuss about the importance of
BATAN to be a part of NBRI.

On February 25 th , 2020 the NBRI team visited the Indonesian National Nuclear Technology Agency (BATAN). The NBRI team lead by Prof. Evvy and Prof. Alan conducted an audience with the head of PSTBM BATAN, Mr. Iwan and Mr. Abu. The NBRI team discussed the importance of the NBRI and hoped for support from BATAN because, within BATAN there are various divisions, one of which is specifically for conducting research related to batteries. BATAN also has adequate laboratories and equipment to conduct battery related research.

In this meeting, Prof. Evvy explained that the NBRI was the brainchild of MRS-INA which in the end anyone could become part of the NBRI but not as the owner, but only as a partner of the NBRI. Prof. Alan also explained why QMUL and The Faraday Institution of UK were interested in NBRI and felt that NBRI was a good innovation for the development of Indonesia.

One positive influence of MRS-INA is that, through MRS-INA, one of BATAN's employees is currently studying and doing research at QMUL related to battery development. It is expected that in the future there will be many exchanges of students and researchers related to batteries both in the UK and in other countries. For this reason, the head of BATAN's PSTBM suggested holding an MoU between QMUL, BATAN and MRS-INA for the creation of an exchange program that would benefit the parties involved.


Date : 24 August 2020
Written by : NBRI
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