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Lithium ion battery raise its popularity in the modern world due to its high energy density compared to the other secondary battery technology. On the other side, the rapid technology development in portable devices and electronic vehicle demands safer and even higher performance battery.

In order to meet these needs, current lithium ion technology needs to go beyond its limits. Such materials are implemented to improve the lithium ion technology for better future technology applications.

Responding to this issue, the NBRI Millennial team will hold a discussion, namely NBRI Millennial Talks with the theme "What is Next After Lithium?". In addition to discussing the possibility of beyond lithium, in this talk, we will also discuss the experience of an awardee scholarship currently studying in the UK.

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Date : November, 5th 2020
Time : 3:00 PM (GMT+7)
Place : Zoom Meeting Conference

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Date : 29 October 2020
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