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What you will

Solar Energy System Introduction

  • Introduction to Renewable Energy
  • Global value chain and challenge of renewable energy
  • The potency of solar energy
  • Introduction to solar energy system

Understanding Indonesian Solar PV Policies

  • Current status of Indonesian Solar PV
  • Fundamental regulation
  • Future projection of Solar PV in Indonesia
  • Challenges of implementing Solar PV policies

The Emerging Solar Energy Technology

  • The development of solar energy technology
  • Challenges of implementing solar energy technology
  • Current state of solar energy technology
  • Future prospect of solar energy technology

Prospect of Solar PV and business analysis

  • Prospects and benefits of installing Solar PV
  • All about smart solar PV installation
  • The importance of lithium ion batteries on solar system
  • Business Analysis

All about the preparation of solar PV installation

  • Introduction to solar PV installation component
  • Site analysis
  • Choosing the best installation component
  • Software utilities introduction

How to Design Solar PV

  • How to read a data sheet of any component used the PV solar system
  • Data sheet analysis
  • Protection devices
  • Wiring foundation

Understanding Helioscope Software

  • Introduction to Helioscope
  • User interface and its function
  • Case study
  • Helioscope Demonstration

Sketch Up 101

  • Introduction to Sketch Up 101
  • Tools and Shortcuts
  • Case study
  • Sketch Up Demonstration

What you will

Learning Module from the Experts
International E-Certificate (Recognized by Queen Mary University of London)

Time & Venue

2 - 3 August 2022

Online Zoom Meeting

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