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What you will

The untapping Indonesia’s mineral resources for battery technology

  • Introduction to local mineral resources (nickel, manganese, cobalt, etc.)
  • Introduction to rare earth elements
  • Global Supply chain of battery materials industry
  • Mining processing to gain battery raw materials

All about lithium ion batteries

  • Lithium ion batteries introduction
  • Battery components materials structure and how it works
  • Battery cell performance testing introduction
  • Global battery market landscape and Indonesia battery road map

The scintillating of future battery technology

  • The prospective of global battery innovation and its challenges
  • Future battery technology introduction (Solid state battery, Sodium-ion battery, Lithium-Sulphur battery, Graphene, Silicon Nanowires, Composite Solid Electrolytes)
  • Indonesia’s current battery technology development
  • The value chain of future battery technology

The development of battery material with the high standard

  • Development of battery materials & its characterization
  • Introduction to basic battery material characterization (XRD, SEM, DTA, etc.)
  • X-Ray Diffraction Introduction
  • XRD data analysis demonstration

All about cylindrical battery cell

  • Cylindrical battery cell introduction
  • The prospect of cylindrical cell and its challenge
  • From laboratory to industry
  • Battery and BMS application

Get to know battery regulation & standardization

  • Why is battery standardization critical?
  • Introduction to battery standard (IEC, UL, SNI, etc.)
  • Battery cell and pack safety testing
  • Current battery regulation & standardization

Prospect of Energy Storage for Solar PV and Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) introduction
  • The importance of lithium ion batteries on renewable energy
  • Lithium ion batteries business prospect and its challenge
  • Battery supply chain

Battery in Electric Vehicles and Its Ecosystem

  • The role of battery in electric vehicles
  • The benefit and challenge of battery in EV ecosystem
  • The current condition of battery application for EV
  • The current condition of EV Ecosystem

What you will

Learning Module from the Experts
International E-Certificate (Recognized by Queen Mary University of London)

Time & Venue

24 - 25 May 2022

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